Tibet: The party building the soul promotion work is deeper

Tibet: The party building the soul promotion work is deeper

"As a tax cadre, I actively participate in all kinds of learning and activities, always remind yourself to firmly believe in beliefs, temper the quality of the will, and learn the history of history, school history, school history, school history," for the recent party History education activities, the head of the Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau, Zhou Yuan, the head of the tax branch, said. The Tibet Autonomous Region Taxation Bureau launched a series of activities in the strengthening of the organs of the Tibet. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Dangerous relationships, and promote all work deeper.

In response to the actual situation of the young cadres, Tibet tax systems set up 40 Youth Theoretical Studies Groups, paying close attention to young cadres’ theories, constantly motivating young cadres to enhance the universities, and be brave enough to take the spirit of the gods, relying on Tan Crown 3 Memorial Park, Kong Fanyun Memorial Hall, etc. Red resources, leading party members and cadres to vigorously inherit the red spirit in "immersion" experience learning.

"The 18th Army enters Tibet’s story, the glittering ‘old Tibetan spirit’ and the ‘two spiritual", incentive guides countless snow taxation children to root Tibet, build frontiers. "The" Relive Party Shui Yun In the first time, "the theme speech competition, the staff Xia Haiyu said emotionally.

Around the center, the construction team, the service masses is the eternal theme of the party building, and also the quality of the quality of the party building quality.

The Lhasa City Taxation Bureau established a mobile one-stop Q & A service station. For the taxpayer, the payer is aware of the tax and fee policy, accepting suggestions; Linzhi Milin County Taxation Bureau established the "Central Studio", extension service, through the line, Offline consultation and other means, help payers to solve tax-related issues … In carrying out the party building work, Tibet tax system in-depth launch "I do practical things for the masses", actively solve the problem of "rush to expectations", and effectively improve The masses of all ethnic groups, happy, safe.

Urban land use tax, property tax, car boat tax and other property behavior tax "Ten tax" merger declaration dramatically mitigate enterprise declaration burden, new enterprises first apply for invoice time to compress to a working day, streamline business matters in the tax-related matters 50% … Through the establishment of party pioneers in the tax service, the "acceleration" of the Tibet Taxation system ran in the Tibet tax system.

Under the counseling of the Sanzhuzhu District Taxation Bureau, Li Mr. Li, who came to correct the information of the financial person in charge, experienced the application of the electronic tax bureau to submit changes to the application of the Electronic Taxation Bureau, only 5 Minute time.

The improvement and efficiency of the Tibet Tax Party Construction Work is benefited from the in-depth advancement of the school review examinations in Tibet. Comrade, the responsible comrades of the Ministry of Working Committee of Tibet District said that in recent years, the Tibet District Directors’ Working Committee conscientiously implemented an important instruction requirement of "continuous improvement of the quality of the party", with the party’s political construction as a lead, with staple spirit implement.

Through the classification of policy, there is a targeted "key minority", catch the county party members and the youth theoretical team learning, and earnestly use Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist thinking to armed the mind, guiding practice, promotion, education, education party members and cadres, Learn, do learning, understanding, follow up, action, and transforming learning achievements into a strong power of working hard, promoting the development of business development.