Qin An: Party Construction leads to the development of beautiful villages

Qin An: Party Construction leads to the development of beautiful villages

Original title: Qin An: Party Construction leads to the development of beautiful rural blooms in recent years, Qin’an County adheres to party construction leading to high quality development, continuously promoting the quality of grassroots party building, and solid promotes grassroots party construction and depletion, rural rejuvenation depth, and explore A unique party construction leads the road to the industrial revitalization.

  Strong focus, and the "steering wheel" of the agricultural industry.

Party organizations at all levels have continued to do new, special, essential agricultural industries as an important starting hand of the people’s happiness index, enhance the comprehensive strength of the county, carefully plan, multi-point.

Scientifically formulated the "three-year multiplication action plan for the superiority of the modern SWT in Qin’an County" and 4 "divided industries program" and 4 "divided industries" and 4 "divided industries" and pigs. Input multiplication action plan project funds more than 300 million yuan, accelerate the construction of provincial-level modern Apple (+ peach) industrial park, built an apple green standardized production base 7500 mu, Honey Garden Comprehensive increased 8,000 mu, new peach new variety demonstration park, pepper standardization Demonstration base, pepper-breeding has a total of 1220 mu, implement pepper, apple, peach extraction, 20 acres, construction of 20 machinery cold storage, 4 ventilation storage libraries, new storage capacity 10,000 tons.

  Focus driving strong, painting the "layout map" of the industrial park.

Relying on the East and Western collaboration and assistance, this year, we will fight for 13.3 million yuan this year. 4 towns in the industrial industries in the forest fruit industry completed the modern agricultural cold chain logistics industry in Qin’an County, thousand households 4 Industrial Demonstration Park, Longtou Mountain Industrial Park, Wuying Town, Wangyu Town.

Established eight industrial party organizations such as the Party Branch of the Farmers’ Professional Planting Cooperatives of Jinshen Chinese Medicine in Qin’an County. Through the business model of "Party Building + Industrial Park + Company (Cooperative) + Base + Village Collective + Farmers", the local forest fruit and Chinese herbal medicine planting, storage, acquisition, processing, sales integration operation, forming party building leading fruit production system, The New Pattern of Modernization Industry Development in the Delivery System and Sales System.

Through industrial parks, ownership is owned by the village, and the industrialization assets form the materialized assets by the shadows of the shadow, the interests of the interests of the business, benefiting the poverty poverty population and the edges. .

  Focus on dragonheads and strengthen the business main body "one pool water".

Further improve the "Party Organization + Lead Enterprise + Cooperative + Defer to Poven" "Party Organization + Leading Enterprise + Cooperative + Defer to Poverteration + Base", Guide Leading Enterprises to take orders to acquire, cooperate, shareholders, land circulation, Fruit tree subscription, labor care share, employment helps the workshop, etc. This year, there were 3 new leaders in the county, reaching 68, with 1145 farmers’ professional cooperatives, and the family farm reached 148. Each leading enterprise and cooperatives, family farms have passed the deposits of all deposits, labor applications, technical training, agricultural resources, product acquisitions and other forms, accounting for% of the total number of povertes in the county. Strong focus protection, and a good risk to avoid "a game". In response to the problem of the forest fruit industry to resist natural disasters, the market risk capacity is low, the party organizations at all levels of Qin’an County give full play to the important role in protecting people’s livelihood, risk compensation, social stability, and put agricultural insurance as a pocket project that promotes agricultural income. The rural resulination guarantees, strengthens the system design, improves policy system, and achieves full coverage of natural disasters and market prices volatility, which greatly reduces the risk of farmers, and woven the agricultural rural security network.

Since this year, the county has implemented 18 policy agricultural insurance, completing thousands of mu of planting in planting industry, a farming industry insurance (only), insured farmers million, including 10,000 yuan, accumulated payment of 10,000 yuan, directly benefit farmers million Buyers (times), effectively improve the capacity of forest fruit industry to avoid natural disasters and market risks. Focus on consumption, release things collaborative "driving".

With the year increasing growth area of ??forest fruit, the problems in Qin’an County fruit sales are increasingly prominent. In this regard, the party organizations at all levels will explore and innovate, take the initiative to attack, the county government’s county government fully rely on the good opportunities of the Poverty Alleviation of the East and West, and sign the "2021 Consumer Help Framework Agreement" and support the county enterprises. The establishment of a stable production and sales docking mechanism in Jinnan District. Party organizations at all levels strengthen exchange interaction with the Jinnan District, 4 of the consumption of 4, 9, 150 counter; investment in the East and Western collaborative assistance funds 4.45 million yuan, 1 fruit trading market, village-level e-commerce 58 service sites, organized "Agricultural Products Network Red Live Belid" Online Shopping Festival Series Campaign 4. This year, the total amount of consumption in the county has reached 100 million yuan. Among them, the East and West cooperation consumption of consumption, "three special" platform consumption billion, e-commerce sales billion yuan. Next, Qin’an County will continue to adhere to the construction of the ground linearity, basic work, struggling to promote the development of rural revitalization, and strive to build a beautiful new rural area of ??Yiqi Yeye, and depict the village industries. New painting. (Editor: Zhou Yu Ting, Jiao Long) Sharing let more people see client downloads.