Shenzhen Baoan expands children’s space to make children in their own site

Shenzhen Baoan expands children’s space to make children in their own site

Original title: City forest "species" out of colorful Tong Zhen World Baoan Fuhai Children’s Park, children play in happiness. In the city of Shenzhen Special Zone, Liu Gang took a high-density construction city, how to let children have natural public spaces from the childhood? This has become a universal problem for the development of big cities.

  Liu Lei, deputy planner of Shenzhen City Planning and Design Research Institute, Children’s Friendly City Research Center, in a report called "Children’s friendly public space and game venue" report, Shenzhen and national big cities Faced with a haunt: urban density is getting more and more serious, and more serious problems with natural lack of dislike, more dependence on mobile phones and electronic products, and less and fewer exercise, obese problems.

  In recent years, in the process of introducing the national first local construction of children’s friendly cities – "Shenzhen Construction Children’s Friendly City Strategic Plan (2018-2035)", building children’s friendly cities have become a consensus in Shenzhen.

Among them, urban parks are an important event space for children, and it is a focus of building children’s friendly cities. Shenzhen has also vigorously built a variety of children’s activities.

  In this process, Baoan has conducted a series of explorations through the construction of women and children’s friendship. For example, build a street-level children’s park, in the city village, we must build a "pocket" park to expand more "habitat" to children’s nature. During the construction process, Baoan also participated in the planning, construction and management of the Park through the "Children’s Council", and realized itself on "own site".

  Respecting children’s demand release children’s nature is located in Fuhai Children’s Park in Tanghao Community, Fuhai Street, Baoan, is the largest street-level child park in Baoan, with a total area of ??about 10,000 square meters. The reporter saw in the park, the basketball racks here is one-third more than the ordinary basketball rack, a born child, can easily put the basketball into the basket. "The child is playing basketball, in the face of ordinary basketball stand, due to nothing, it is often ‘three do not touch’, soon will lose interest, but the children’s basketball stand let the children have fun.

"The relevant person in charge of Fuhai Street said. Sand climbing area, pattern game area, letter gaming area, Sharpun play area, plant small classroom ….. Children’s Park provides experience nature, communication, communication, Enjoy the game, stimulate the creative outdoor activity space.

"In order to ensure the safety of the park, the corner of the facility is safe." The above person in charge introduces. In addition, the children’s park has public health, maternal and childroom, adult protection area, so that parents take care of children nearby.

  "Before there is this park, you can play near the child. Or do it in the roadway, very unsafe, or go to the nearby shopping malls to shake the car, the doll, etc., you have to charge." Residents living in Tangjun Community Tell reporters, now in this child park, children can play for half a day.

The reporter saw that the park was divided into two plots, and the middle of the venue was separated by Tanghao Avenue. They also connected to the "children’s friendly" pedestrian bridge. The children cross the road did not have to hang.

  "High-density cities, children’s release of natural public spaces are generally serious." Liu Lei believes in participating in Baoan District Women’s Federation, for children, first, we should have space-friendly concepts in planning and construction.

  Building a Children’s Park in Rota Community, Yanluo Street, more "wild fun", colorful trees and colorful amusement facilities combined with colorful children’s world. This total area is about 1800 square meters of parks, the most popular, is the sand pool under the big tree, the children build the castle here, put the leaves as a banner in the castle wall.

  "Playing the sand is almost every child likes activities." The relevant person in charge of Luo Tian Community introduced that when building this park, the community specialized in organizing members of the Children’s Disease Council for Children’s Friendship Park. Children have some suggestions from their own perspective, such as adding children such as children. "Understanding what children are very important, that is, the respect for children’s nature, is very critical to children’s participation and child rights." Liu Lei believes that urban park is a children’s game growth, and it is more important place to perceive nature. Ignore the needs of children. Overcoming heavy difficulties built "pockets" Park Bao’an District Fuyong Street Xingwei Community is a typical "City Village" community, but in this community, there is a few children "rest". This is a "pocket" park with a "pocket" park with a slide.

Recently, the reporter saw here that there were more and more people in the afternoon, and more people in the "pocket" park. The nearby residents were three or two two, with children’s leisure and entertainment, and the primary school after class put the bag on one side, play casually .

  This is another useful exploration in Baoan District: combined with community governance, build a small micro children’s game space in the "Shuangyi Community" construction.

At present, Baoan Fuyong Street Xingwei Community, Fuhai Street Xintian Community, Shajing Street Houting Community, etc., all use community idle land, residents to build, etc., take the rental subsidies such as leasing, comprehensive rectification of urban villages and children friendly games The transformation of the site is combined, and the "pocket" park in the community is built. In addition to providing a game with a play to children, it has also become the "connectors" of residents’ interaction. "Children are playing, our adults are chatting on the side, Lara family often, feelings more." The nearby resident Chen Xi Mei told reporters. Residents of the Bishan Community did not know that this "pocket" park has built a lot of difficulties. The relevant person in charge of the community said that the community land inch gold, at the time, in order to build this small park, the community and the local residents of the first resident group were negotiated, and finally they promised to let this land for free, build an old man and the children. Important casual place.

  In the process of building a "pocket" park, children also participate.

21 of the 21st-5th grade student form a community children’s council proposed recommendations and opinions for the construction of the park. They also developed the "Convention on the Use of Children’s Friendly Micro Park", truly achieving themselves on the "own site".

  Located in the community park of Nanchang Community, Xixiang Street, Baoan District, is an entertaining.

This is a 400 square meters of traffic safety theme children’s park, except for the children’s favorite slides, Iron Soil Bridge, Climbing, Seesma and other amusement facilities, there are 66 common traffic signs and famous brands in the park. Reduced version of the zebra crossing, traffic lights, guardrails, a variety of road sign. "On the one hand, it is to meet the needs of children. On the other hand, let more people see, learn, and do.

"The relevant person in charge of Xixiang Street told reporters.

  "Children’s friendly cities should be a preferential treatment, respected, and have the right to public services such as cities, communities, parks and other public services should respect the rights of children.

Liu Wei, Associate Professor, Associate Professor, Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen) Institute, (Reporter Ye Zhiwei) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhu) Share more people see.