Two students do it · example: Finance to send live water development increase

Two students do it · example: Finance to send live water development increase

"Poverty alleviation loans is simple, and time is short.

"The villagers of Zhangzhuang Village, Dongba Township, Lankao County, Henan Province, could not cover the joy," Agricultural Bank of China provides loans, and the animal husbandry Bureau provides technical support, the government provides guarantees, and the aquaculture can increase more than 30,000 yuan per year. "Let the civil war will benefit, it is the" Government Risk Compensation + Agricultural Bank + Agricultural Bank "" Trinity "Financial Poverty Alleviation Model" "Trinity" in the Lankao County Branch of the China Agricultural Bank Lankao County Branch (hereinafter referred to as Agricultural Branch). Poverty.

When I saw the war, he just wore it from the chicken. "It turned out that someone else was engaged in breeding, and it was a young and easy to earn five or six thousand. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t borrow money, I worked anxious." The civil war is said that last year will pay 20,000 yuan at home. I don’t want to think about it before.

For a long time, it has been difficult to guarantee, and the loan is difficult, etc. have become a road to the roping of farmers. Since 2015, the Agricultural Bank Lankao Branch increased the poverty alleviation model in Henan Province: the government’s guarantee is guaranteed, and the Agricultural Bank of China is enlarged to the poor and participate in poverty alleviation.

Enterprise loans enjoy the benchmark interest rate, the poor loan government gives a loss.

This mode changes the poverty alleviation model of poverty alleviation funds, by supporting leading enterprises, professional cooperatives, planting farmers, and guiding poor households to enhance their autonomous hematopoietic capacity. "From June 2017, the accumulated subsidy for 120 poverty houses in Zhangzhuang Village, Dongba Township, and each household can be subsidized for 5,000 yuan.

Yan Jiao, the "Three Rural" Division of the Agricultural Bank Lankao Branch, said.

The county policy can make poor households from mortgage, free guarantee, government award loan 30,000 yuan, but the vinestone Township Wangzhuang Village poor house Du Guofeng does not know how to use money to loan.

And the local farmed faucet company Lankao County Kun Sheng Agriculture and Husbandry Professional Cooperative Chairman Cai Zongjun also worried: buy livestock required for the past, there are also hundreds of thousands of gaps. "Trinity" finance poverty alleviation model, solve the problem of both parties: under the guarantee of the government’s risk reserve, poor households in bank loans, as a deposit, in Kunsheng, Kunsheng free to farmers 20 to 30 of the sheep, cooperatives provide unified source, unified management, unified technical training and guidance, unified material formula, unified concentrated sales, unified and concentrated sales, and returns to the number of pestbeits in two years. Give the company.

"When we arrived, we also gave all kinds of sheep to poor households, and other sheep were higher than the market price." Cai Zongjun said. Du Guofeng has raised 33 Lakers since the April last year, and it sold more than 20,000 yuan.

"In October This year, Kunsheng’s sheep finished, the regeneration is all mine, the net falling in the year is not a problem." "We got the first batch of 800,000 yuan in the ABC’s 10,000 yuan" poverty alleviation loans, enterprises It is rumored that more than 1,900 farmers will get rich from 2015 to this day. "Cai Zongjun said.

Bao Baowen, the leader of the Agricultural Bank, and the "Trinity" financial poverty alleviation model, the Agricultural Bank’s Lankee Taking Office accumulated 96.4 million yuan in Lankao issued a loan, driving 850 poor people in the small micro enterprise employment; provided by the County Animal Husbandry Bureau, focus Animal husbandry is distributed by 7.13 million yuan, accurately supporting 134 poor people to develop livestock farming, and achieve poverty. In the long-term existing short board for basic financial services coverage, the Agricultural Bank Lankao Branch revolves around the Puhui financial, the channel, to create a "physical outlet + self-service bank + Hui Affiliation Engineering + Internet Finance" "four integration" The service system ensures that the last kilometer is unimpeded.

At present, the Agricultural Bank Lankao Branch has built 5 benefits of farmented financial convenience stores, 3 road-type self-service banks, built 476 contributing agricultural payment points, and 100% coverage rate of administrative villages. The farmers can receive pensions, domestic subsidies, real-time handling, consumption and other basic financial services.