Tax reduction is reduced to the development of biomedical enterprises into innovation driving force

Tax reduction is reduced to the development of biomedical enterprises into innovation driving force

Since the emergence of new crown pneumonia, while the internal defense, the internal defense rebounded, a series of policies that support biopharmaceutical enterprises have been introduced, and the tax preferential policy is also an important part. Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a leader of Yuxi Biomedical and University Health Industry Development, is also one of the beneficiaries.

Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is the Holding Subsidiary of Yunnan Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd., which is a listed company. It is a domestic leading vaccine production base. "From February this year, when our company pays social security, it has enjoyed the cost of basic pension insurance, unemployment insurance, and work-related injury insurance unit, and has paid some, and the tax department has been returned in time.

As of July, the company’s three insurance totaled about 10,000 yuan. This is a strong intensive agent given by business difficulties.

"Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co.

Pu Cuilian introduced that over the years, under the blessing of the national tax and fee promotion, the company’s development steps have been more stable, and the space is greater, and the "non-contact" taxation department issued by the Electronic Taxation Bureau in recent years. Channels and greatly improved the efficiency of the company.

As early as September 2007, the first product of Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was officially launched, and the new product has been trusted by consumers. The market demand has increased, and the company is facing a lot of funds. Expand the market and expand the product type. It coincides with the implementation of the new corporate income tax law in 2008, and the policy allows companies to add deduction to research and development costs, which is undoubtedly sent "timely rain" to the company’s development. Under the policy propaganda and active counseling of the tax department, Watson has enjoyed the new product research and development fee plus tax discount, and in 2009, the corporate income tax was 10,000 yuan. The land acquisition policy has been accompanied by the growth of Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd., has been injected into the continuous driving force into the company’s technological innovation.

With the support of tax policies, Watson has increased research and development.

In September 2009, the second product of Watson’s Biology was "lyophilized A, C group, and the bacteria polysaccharide binding vaccine" was officially listed.

Since 2009, Watson has applied for research and development cost plus on 11 consecutive years. In 2018, the research and development cost plus deduction is more refresh records, reaching 27.98 million yuan, and research and development costs are deducted to reduce the reduction of corporate income tax. It has reached 4.2 million yuan, and the investment cost plus countercumber has reached 29.24 million yuan in ten years. Such a big hand, uninterrupted "true gold silver" tax discount, not only directly reducing the tax burden of the company, but also directly inspired the research and development of the company, so that the enterprise is full of research, seek development.

In March 2020, Watson’s 13-pronged pneumococcal polysaccharide combined with vaccine has been issued, indicating that the 13-pronged pneumococcal polysaccharide binding vaccination can be vaccinated.

After the product is listed, the foreign vaccine giant broke the monopoly of the infant pneumonia vaccine in the infant pneumonia, filled the gap in this field, and also helped their parent company Yunnan Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to obtain the favor of the capital market. More energy into the research and development of new coronal pneumonia vaccine, the "New Crown MRNA Vaccine" developed and batch of clinicals into my country’s first mRNA vaccine that entered the clinical trial after completing animal attack experiments.

According to statistics, Yuxi Watson Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has enjoyed the new non-public enterprise reduction tax concessions. The development of the western region has been reduced by 100 million yuan, and the research and development fee is reduced to reduce corporate income tax 29.24 million yuan, as of 2019 Accumulated tax billions of corporate income tax at the end of the year.

The stable support of tax policies and the optimization and upgrading of taxation services have laid a solid foundation for the current and long-term development of the enterprise, which has accounted for it.

Since this year, Watson’s biological medicine industry has improved the growth rate, pulling the Yuxi industry’s continuous recovery, Yuxi tax will continue to track the implementation of the company’s tax reduction and low-cost policy, will be optimal The service and the fastest speed respond to the company’s tax-related concerns, helping Yuxi Biomedical Manufacturing High Quality Development. (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia).