Specialtect: The home of the Holy Land – Bai Xi Zhongxun Tongzhi Cemetery – Zhonghong Net

Specialtect: The home of the Holy Land – Bai Xi Zhongxun Tongzhi Cemetery – Zhonghong Net

Who didn’t last the land inhabited? But there are several people who have returned to the land that have been life and death like the Lao Lao, turned the green, proud of Qingbai, the simple, tall poplar, and lying in the shared arms of the yellow land. In the middle, look up to the blue sky, overlooking the country of the country, laughing with the prosperity of his life that he has been fighting for life. The pale village in Fuxing County in Shaanxi, this is the ordinary name that can have in the country of China. But it is always a sacred and special, perhaps only because of a century ago, I have a new job in a vast intersection. It is possible to imagine that when the great man will start from here, it must be wide, stirring with a rush of the high, standing in Wanjiang, it will not be so frank, heroic unyielded around the most, and finally The place is serene. Where is the green hills not buried? But in the lancing of the Lao Lao, the visual is hard is to mark the stone on the ground on the ground, from 1913 to 2002, the great man is secretly maruming, the rays exuded are still burning.

This is destined to be the spirit of such a stubborn national shock and pay tribute.

It has always been very curious about this starting point for the great man, often imagining how he is firmly straightforward in the age of bullets. No, for him, his career has no end, his footsteps never stop. Do not believe, please see this sentence on his statue: "Battle for a lifetime, happy life, every day, happy day" For a lifetime, the twists and turns of life, laughing on the conspiracy and life and death game, this is a kind of mind and frankness that is in a sense of innocence.

Around this starting point, Zongcheng Middle School Agricultural Transportation-Shaanxi Province, three divisions, two teachers – two as a military service – participation in the leadership revolutionary base – leadership and host Nan Liang Revolutionary According to the Duration, this is a great man One of the most exciting history of a happy revolutionary journey.

He is 13 years old, 15 years old, 17 years old to engage in military transport, 20-year-old Southern Shaanxi-Shannian District Military Commission, 21 years old, the chairman of the Soviet government of Shaanxi, this experience is in his good revolutionary revolutionary Very rare. When the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao arrived in Northern Shaanxi, Chairman Mao had had many praises for Xi Zhongxun. For example, in 1943, the inscription: the party’s interests above all; He is the leader of the masses from the masses; 1952 Chairman Mao praised many times to make Tibetan thousands of households and humility, said: Zhuge Liang seven 擒 Meng won, you are more powerful than Zhuge Liang. … Tao Ye’s intelligence, carry forward the national light, snow to the hundred years of hatred, and returned to the old landfield. Mo as white scholar, bunch in the high door … This is the school song of Tuancheng School, the first day of enrollment, students sing together in the playground, Xi Zhongxun heard the god, full of strength. Participate in the puppies, organize the peasant preaching, and hit the disaster Zhang Ji, expel the principal of Zhicheng, the director of the county education, and then organized the three division of the tide and was arrested, perhaps it was carried out under this strength. However, in prison, he resolutely entered the party, such a determination and courage, in the case of the white horror year, many people have reported that the words "extraordinary" have been described as "extra ordinary". During the prison, once the identity is exposed, it is facing by the reactionaries. When the senior Wu Tingjun was quietly announced that the party organization solemnly decided to receive him to receive him for the Chinese Communist Party member, it seems that he listened to the most intimate and pleasant euro hearing from the vast loess. He should not know that the head is looking up at the clear sky, in the Qingming Festival, the Biyu, which is a rare, and the white clouds flutter, and the white clouds are looked at his yellow land. It is still so The territory is very simple. At this time, in the middle of the world, how do you not let him think about thousands! He should be unfolded by his arms, seemed to have this kind of loving yellow land in his heart, once again opened its warm arms, hugging him tightly, three words, and smashed his injured heart in the years.

Everything is calm, suddenly "", a crisp gun sounded through the night sky of the mountain city, and torn the quiet and dawn of the Qing Yai Qi color; then, the county town is shaken like the mountains, the gunshot The shouts shouted four, smoke, and flowers everywhere. It is this "", a gun ringing in the mountains in the mountains into the best interpretation and recognition of a roughness of the loece people, condensed into an eternal historical detail. Two when the soldiers changed this moment, the eternal guns left, they did not deplete a scatter; fixed, it would not be inevitable with time.

The memory of the last person, only such a vibrant gunshot, can be connected to the historical place with human treasures, is enough to express the heroic and heroic and omnivities of great people, so that this detail echo and memory shock Ripple is still there.

Because of this, when the pen tried to write some thinking about the inside, it was too revered, and he was afraid that he was too superficial and could not describe the word half.

Here is the gold Xuejiazhai, looking up from the wall of the rock, the terrain, the terrain, as if seeing a monument with blood and life.

When you look at the five-hole steep rock cave, the military hospital, the film, the queen, the warehouse and the earth wall full of bullet holes, the ear will sound the sound of the guns and the horn of the anti-encirclement, as if see The young Soviet President Xi Zhongxun took the team to fight against the team, and once again repeated the enemy’s multiple attacks. Today, the two winds on the river in Sichuan are still rolled into the red flag of the Guanbao, which is the northwestern basis of the Northwest Based Camp.

In the wild, a piece of light and shadow is free to interleave, and it is deeply stacked with the deep gully, the seat of the earth, and the hole caves, the farmhouse, and the curved trails, which constitutes the rigid curve, as if leisurely Musical notes. The revolution is a kind of self-transformation, a fierce struggle that is compressed, meaning bleeding and sacrifice. However, it is often addicted to the existing changes, which will also increase more more complicated difficulties and problems to increase more than enough. For the revolutionaries of the former servant, there is no ready-made road, and can only explore advance in the dark.

At that time, the truth is that the Party Central Committee is in the "right" and "left" route struggle. Some people have not fully recognized the seriousness of the revolution, and some people have used to carry the Soviet experience, Liu Zhidan, Xie Zi Chang, Xi Zhongxun and others A independent revolutionary base leader, while implementing the central and superiors, more need to be in good faith, seeking national strategies and policies, can survive in harsh white horror. Liu Zhidan, Xie Zi Chang, Xi Zhongxun, etc. The hardships and courageous, great and lofty, great and lofty, is here. A revolutionary who came out from the loess, his blood vessels flowed the most simple and sincere philosophy from the beginning. The revolutionary journey of the Xi and Lao is always closely related to the masses, and his journey reflects the unique era, and the magnificent historical picture. It can be said that great people stay in history is the combination of Chinese elite history and folk history.

Recalling the life of the elderly, but also the image of a generation of people standing from the land of China.