Thanksgiving Sichuan Chuan aid Zhengzhou residents staged "Investment relay"

Thanksgiving Sichuan Chuan aid Zhengzhou residents staged "Investment relay"

  Local residents thanked Sichuan Electric Power.

Reporter Haofei took 7 o’clock in the morning of July 23, Zhengzhou’s largest residential community, with 6700 households’ oak rose city community, ending 67 hours of power-on life, one after another. At 4:30 in the morning, 5 emergency generators departing from Sichuan, all the way more than 18 hours, and opened this community. Investigating the ground, looking for the right parking position, discharge the cable, fitting electric box … More than 30 national network Sichuan electric power emergency power saving personnel, compensate in the second line, finally resumed the cell partial power supply.

□ Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Li Xin Yifei from Zhengzhou, Henan Province 5 emergency generators can cover 1500-2000 households, and there are also Tianjin, Hebei and other places to come, the community temporarily uses electricity, residents can drink hot water. At 6 o’clock in the morning, the sky was just bright, and the early community residents saw that there were so many electric workers who wore an orange tooling. They looked at the banners hanging on the emergency tram. Handshake, and even asks.

  Just like the netizen said "Chinese expression is the most direct way to feed", a "feeding relay race" participated in many residents in many communities began to stage.

  The first thing that started to feed is breakfast, and there is a big sister bought a hot soy milk and fritters. The teachers near the Nature Kindergarten went to the school at 6 o’clock in the morning, did more than 200 buns, nice red bean porridge, with children to send breakfast.

"Uncle, you have worked hard! Thank you!" The child is tender, let the electric workers are red.

  With the increasing residents of the community, the simple table next to the electric truck is full of bananas, watermelon sent by the residents. "A big sister raised a large bag of peaches, but also said that it has been washed.

Lu Peng, Party Service Team Captain, Party Service Team of Guoying, National Network.

  The hometown of the hometown of the residents of Li Xingcun, Huihui City, Henan Province, Li Hui, moving 3 pieces of mineral water, the hometown of the hometown made him especially, but his WeChat friend circle is all gratitude, "Sichuan Electric Power Iron Army Thanks, thanks! "At 12 o’clock in noon, the residents of the six seven communities were pushed into the two cars, and the red bleak ribs were burned, and there was a hot rice, and it was coming. The hometown in the Sichuan Meishan’s big sister, to buy meat, buy food, buy food, go home, busy for one morning, "specialized to go back to the pot, the taste of the hometown, the masters must eat." The car is watching the electric workers who have seen the scenes in front of them, suddenly tearing.

Originally in their plans, lunch is just a bowl of bubble noodles, chewing a bag of dry food.

  "Fast, eat hot."

"Under the urgents of the residents, the masters eat the bowls of the bowl. After the first day of the Sichuan, this is the first hot meal that they eat all night.