Taro Bubble Mountain Drug Bleaching, "Beauty Agricultural Products" has to hurt "quality"

Taro Bubble Mountain Drug Bleaching, "Beauty Agricultural Products" has to hurt "quality"

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh the consumer to buy fruits and vegetables such as fruits and vegetables, pay attention to its "color value", and agricultural product sorting has become some merchants "must". The reporter combed the recent agricultural product hotspot event. Some processing households use violation chemicals to "beauty", so that the quality of agricultural products is better, and the price is high. Interviewed experts believe that according to the market needs moderate classification packaging, "net dish" home, meet the hierarchical needs, but if "for the value of the value", the sword will take a short, and it will not pay.

Market supervision department, large wholesale market, business super, processing households should form a joint force to promote high quality development in the agricultural products market. "High Yan" fruit and vegetable products are favored by the market. He Bei has harvested 650 kg of spinach, sold to local hawkers. The total transaction price is only 15 yuan.

The hawker who bought spinach said that the couple’s spinach looks general, but do not want them to discard the vegetables, so symbolic payment. The local market supervision department said that the two sides of the sale price is voluntary.

  Reporter Recently, in Shijiazhuang, the reporter Baoding Multiple large business super visits found that the average price per kilogram of spinach exceeded 4 yuan, some of the boxed spinach per kilogram of prices exceeded 8 yuan. The supermarket sales staff said that the boxed spinach is short, the color is bright, which is specially selected, so the price is relatively high.

  Some respondents said that the one hand is 650 kg of spinach selling 15 yuan. On the one hand, 2 kg of spinach sells at least 16 yuan. In addition to all kinds of intermediate links need to be opened, "selling" becomes the key to consumers to choose a certain agricultural product. One of the standards, fruit and vegetable sorting in recent years is to comply with the "color value economy" in agricultural products. Wang Xihai, who has been contracted by vegetables in more than 2000 acres of vegetables in Hebei Province, said that some supermarkets have certain requirements for vegetable quality, and rarely allow special vegetables to enter sales, and vegetable sorting is a general trend. To this end, they choose to sort in the field or cold storage according to the characteristics of different types of vegetables. If the color is more rosy, the martial arts is almost selected, supply large business super and large wholesale markets, and the remaining tomatoes will generally sell to the dishes. Market vendors. "Vegetables sell to Shangchao price average than selling price of 20% higher than sold to the vegetable market." Xingzhou Modern Agricultural and Sideline Products International Logistics Center Higher-demanding customers, more conducive to fruits and vegetables after fine packaging, reduce loss during transportation.

  Multi-factors have seen this trend in some agricultural product processingters that have changed the taste of agricultural products, and began to use chemicals to "beauty" on fruits and vegetables products.

Not long ago, the media exposure: Hebei Baodi County is used to bleach the sodium sodium sodium chlorite during processing yam, so that the original surface is yellowish, and sodium hypochlorite is the main component of 84 disinfectant. Similar to "beauty agricultural products" is not a case. The reporter found on the China Referee Document Online, the criminal judgment released on November 19, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, showed that the defendant violates the sodium sulph sulfate in order to make the tartar head, the potato color and extension storage time, the defendant violates sodium sulfate Water citric acid is placed in water and soaked to the skin, potatoes, and then used for sale. After testing and identification, the amount of sulfur dioxide residue seized did not comply with relevant requirements.

  The reporter visited that the situation of "more in progress" appeared in agricultural products, there is a lot of quality, and the quality is small. "

Some of the people in Jixian said that there are many large varieties of the mountain, including the price of small white mouth hills, some acquisitions, a large number of yam, who is bleached as a small white mouth, sell well, and the price is high.

  Industry insiders believe that different in formal packaging foods are clearly stipulated in production and packaging, the primary processing of agricultural products is relatively scattered, hidden in concealment, and there is a certain extent. Some consumers pay more attention to the "length" of agricultural products. Many consumers are easily attracted to appearance when buying fruits and vegetables. As for why they are so bright, they are very concerned. Taking the "beauty mask" as an example, the person in charge of the cooperative society frankly, the yam plated out of the place, which was originally with mud, washing is the normal link of yam acquisition.

"In the past few years, consumers like to take mud, wattle on Yam.

"With the change of consumers, the better is the better, the bleaching is also to cater to the market. Take measures to promote the high-quality development of the Agricultural Products Market, Zhu Yi, Associate Professor Zhu Yi, the local market supervision department The initial processing of special agricultural products in the jurisdiction should be more familiar. At the same time, there is a greater year in monitoring and production, and the trend of processing commercial users, the seedling is timely research, enhances violations of law, and ensuring high quality development of agricultural products in a region. .

  "The large business super, wholesale market must also strictly control the entrance.

"Huang Lei, Manager, Xinfa Market Testing Center, Hebei, said that as a large-scale agricultural product trading market in North China, they will conduct fruits and vegetable food safety training to business in the market, and provide gains, prove, test report, geographic identity, etc. Agricultural products, you can sell it first; for some small and medium-sized cooperatives, planting users can not provide relevant certificates, and to carry out agricultural products in the market, there should be fruits and vegetables. Once there is unqualified situation, I will stop merchant sales immediately. On the basis of contact with the local market regulatory authorities, further examination is conducted.

  Wang Qiusi, a professor of the School of Journalism Communication, Hebei University, said that some consumers don’t know how to control the quality of fruits and vegetables, and the community should be related to common fruit and vegetable products, guide the correct fruit and vegetable consumption; the news media can report the tilt, comprehensive use of each Class form, strengthen the guidance effect.

(Zhao Hongyu, Bai Mingshan).