The "three projects" in Linyi District, Zibo City promotes the improvement of the party construction work of retired cadres

The "three projects" in Linyi District, Zibo City promotes the improvement of the party construction work of retired cadres

Linyi District, Zibo City, closely dismissed the retirement cadres, through the implementation of the trillter, the bidding, gathering "three major projects", and further rationalize the organization structure, improve the standardized demonstration construction, and promoted the role of normalization, all district The party construction work of retirement cadres continues to improve.

The rumored project will strengthen the construction of the team. Connected to the Work Mobilization Committee of the Party Organization of Reneviation Cadres in the District, issued the "Implementation Opinions on the Leading Group of Leading Cadres of the All-Dishanging Cadre", and organized the secretary of the party branch of retired cadres and the original unit Transfer working training, training simulation drills, clear sessions, time limits, requirements. Electing a mass base, experienced, willing to dedication, and the party members of the retirement cadres, and strengthen the construction of the team team. For each sub-party branch, the party branch of the retired cadres, assist the old comrades organizes activities, lighthouse – party construction online maintenance.

At present, 46 of the districts of the regular cadres have all been smooth, and the principles of the retired cadres have been established in accordance with the principles of "benefiting the activities, facilitates management, and should establish", and the secretary has reached 76%. The bidding project is promoted to the "Dualization" Construction.

In-depth development of the standardization, demonstration construction of the party branch of retired cadres, refine the standards from the position of the position, study system, party fees, and play. The new year’s party branch secretary, member, in-service party building liaison training class, for the "three sessions and one lesson", organized life, party fees collection and other system training, let the old comrades really learn how to get the support of the support Carry out.

In response to the in-service party joint contact, focus on how to help the party members of the retirement cadres pay attention to the "Work of the retirement cadres", "Shandong Old Cadres", how to organize "micro-party classes", watch the expert video lecture. Promoting the restrieving cadres’ party construction to the grassroots community extension, according to the principle of "Building Sharing", the 32 "Native Homeship · Silver Collar Qihang" shared activity site is standardized, strengthen the integration of the party building elements of retired cadres, adapted Facilities installation, etc., let the old comrade have its own "home door activity station". This year, the Xindong Community was rated as the party members of the retired cadres in the city.

Gathering works, playing the role of silver collar.

Implementing "Yinfa Talents Action", combining "I do practical things for the masses" and the role, organize the retired cadres around the revitalization of the village, the "eight actions" of the "eight actions" of the rich, and "find a point in the hometown US, I am a context of Linyi, "the party history, for the high-speed new city, the high-speed city, and promote the high quality development of the whole region.

Adhere to party building leaders, the retired cadres in the whole district actively integrate into the community, strive to be a network of silver, the red building, the party building instructors, and inject "silver collar forces" for urban grassroots governance. At present, 536 retired cadres members of the district have served as a red building in the community, and the silver leaders and other positions. More than 68,000 retired cadres are active in the community first line. Under their leadership, more and more party members are involved. In various volunteers, the new pattern of "melting and co-construction" grassroots governance is formed.

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