Shenyang accelerates the construction of financial centers in Northeast China

Shenyang accelerates the construction of financial centers in Northeast China

Original title: Shenyang implemented nine major plans to speed up regional financial center construction reporter learned on August 2, "Shenyang City Construction Regional Financial Center Three-year Action Plan (2021 – 2023)" (hereinafter referred to as "Three-Year Action Plan") Formal issued. Around the "Service Economics, Prevention and Control Finance Risk, Deepening Financial Reform", "Three-Year Action Plan" lists 28 actions of nine major programs, involving 63 specific tasks, covering 61 key projects, accelerating the promotion of Northeast Region Financial center construction. According to "Based on the long-term, system promotion" "highlight key, reform" "service entity, reform and innovation" "government guidance, market leading" four principles, "three-year action plan" to clear Shenyang City to optimize stock, Incremental, strong, improved quality, promote the development of the financial industry to achieve marketization, differentiated development, functionalization layout, and strive to provide financial support for the central city of Shenyang, in order to promote the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast Old Industrial Base .

The "Three-Year Action Plan" proposes the overall goal: By the end of 2023, the company financing is difficult, and the problem of financing is relieved. The financial service means achieves breakthrough, and the multi-level capital market has achieved breakthrough, financial technology innovation achieves breakthrough, local financial supervision and risk monitoring The means achieve breakthrough, the basic resolution of major financial risks. The financial institutional system is more perfect, the status of the financial industry is further consolidated, and the comprehensive strength of the regional financial center has entered the top 20 in the country and preliminarily constructs a framework of the Northeast Regional Financial Center.

In order to ensure the gradual implementation of the goal, Shenyang City will promote the growth plan of the financial organization system, the construction of the capital market, the financial service capacity improvement plan, the financial services capacity improvement plan, the new financial development plan, the financial science and technology development plan; implement the financial institution system perfect action, Local financial practitioners development action, state-owned financial platform growth, listed backup enterprise library cultivation operations, enterprises listing 28 actions such as promotion operations; decompose 63 specific tasks, and carry out the lead units and responsible units of various tasks clear.

At the same time, the "Three-Year Action Plan" clearly lists 61 key projects, involving financial institutions, financial institutional development and risk resolution, improving financial services, capital market construction, financial science and technology projects, improve financial infrastructure, financial talents Policy, hardware environment optimization, improvement of financial building facilities, including implementation of intellectual property pledge financing pledge, support Liaoning Equity Trading Center to set up "Science and Technology Innovation Special Board". It is reported that this year, Shenyang City will study the management method of listed backup enterprise library, focus on high-tech enterprises, "羚" "unicorn" enterprises, select 400 companies as the city’s listed reserve library enterprises.

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