The first three quarters, more than 64 billion yuan, industrial projects in Guang’an

The first three quarters, more than 64 billion yuan, industrial projects in Guang’an

Original title: The first three quarters, the industrial project of more than 64 billion yuan is in Guang’an. It has been found in Guang’an. Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Party Economic Cooperation Bureau that the introduction of investment in Guang’an in the first three quarters has achieved remarkable results, including 64 industrial projects, including hundreds of millions of industrial projects, of which 14 billion yuan or more projects.

  It is worth mentioning that through the quality of the province’s comprehensive evaluation project, the Guang’an project is real, the construction is fast, the funds are high, and the 20020 provincial investment promotion major project incentive prize fund is 25.98 million yuan, and the third place in the province 1st place in Northeast, Chuan. Behind the bright grades, it is the development of Guang’an Jacheng Industrial Development and continuously strengthen the results of investment promotion.

Guang’an City launched a special action of "Spring Attack", "Merchants,"

The city and county party and government leadership team leads to 12 major projects for more than 1 billion yuan. All local departments have taken out, please come in, accurate investment, targeting the attack, introducing Hebei integrity new materials, Dongguan Yichuan fiber products, Shenzhen Hongsheng Thai medical beauty makeup, etc. From January to September, Guang’an City introduced 147 industrial projects.

  Guang’an City has also continuously deepened regional cooperation and grasping the investment initiative.

To grab the construction of two urban economic circles in Chengxi, there are strategic opportunities such as East and Western collaboration, which take the initiative to dock Chengdu, link Chongqing, deepen cooperation with the first batch of 4 special economic zones and Zhejiang Huzhou, and grasp the garden investment, introducing 128 Zone regional projects. Sign 46 projects in the eastern coastal region. Unexpected activities, with the help of the West Expo, West Fair, Chinese and foreign famous enterprises, Sichuan line, etc. . From January to September, Guang’an City signed 77 major projects such as Agricultural Sciences and Shaanxi, and Shaanxi in the provincial platform.

  In addition, in order to promote the investment of the investment project, Guang’an City fully accelerate the construction of project construction, carrying out "project contracting system" "enter thousands of enterprises, solve the problem, send service, promoting development" activities, normalization promotes "People’s Wait · Guang’an Action" Establish "Launch + Responsibility System + Time Limit" to solve the problem of enterprise difficulties, promote Haoqiang Industrial, Ren’an Pharmaceutical, three phases, etc. Put into production.

Since 2019, there have been 293 projects in the investment project, 924 completed projects, and the project starting rate, and the completion rate is%,%. (Reporter Liu Lihua) (Editor: Luo Wei, Zhanghua Wei) Sharing let more people see.