This is Shandong, writing the papers in the land! Dongying Huanghe mouth has cultivated high-yield soybeans

This is Shandong, writing the papers in the land! Dongying Huanghe mouth has cultivated high-yield soybeans

  The picture is an important way to improve soybean self-destructive alkali high-yield soybean saline. It is understood that my country’s soybeans are seriously dependent on imports.

"Improve the production of single production and expand the planting area is the main solution to the gap in my country." Tian Zhixi said.

  In recent years, my country’s soybean planting area is growing, and my country’s soy-growing area of ??soybeans in 2020 has reached 9.87 million hectares, a year-on-year growth.

As the planting area increases, my country’s soy production has also shown a trend of growth.

In 2020, China’s soybean production reached 19.6 million tons, a year-on-year growth. Although my country’s soy production continues to rise, the supply cannot meet market demand due to demand, and there is still a lot of imports. At present, my country has become the world’s largest soybean importing country.

  There are nearly 100 million mu of salt bases in my country, causing a lot of waste of land resources.

If the existing cultivated land soybean yield is doubled, on the other hand, it increases by 100 million acres of marginal land to plant soybeans, achieving the level of 130 kg of salt base soybean, then my country is expected to achieve 40% ~ 50% soybean self-sufficient rate.

  It can be said that the utilization of marginal land such as salt base, desert is the best solution to expand the planting area.

  Soy "self-given dream" is expected to achieve high yield of salt base soybeans, so that my country’s soybeans have seen hope. According to statistics, my country has salt alkali millions of men, of which at least about 200 million mu have the potential.

The emergence of a new product of salt soybean, which provides a core element for deep-tillage salt bases, and full granary. This time, the first win of Dongying, ignited "the fire of the stars". Experts said that these two major results can increase the development of demonstration and acceleration of demonstrations in the Bohai Sea, forming the development of industry chains from saline soybeans, special machinery, planting techniques, inputs, and downstream processing of "chain long system". Provide core technology support to protect my country’s food security. In the future, in the northeast, Xinjiang is more contextically underground, and more salt base will become the "good field" of soybeans.

I believe in the future, my country’s "self-given dream" of China must be realized.

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