Shandong primary and secondary school post-class service has reached 98.59%

Shandong primary and secondary school post-class service has reached 98.59%

Original title: Shandong primary and secondary school student service laundering has reached the reporter from the Shandong Provincial Department of Education, Shandong Province has been hosted by the group’s class, the registration will be continued, and the degree resources will start, and efforts Educate people’s livelihood and educating people’s livelihood.

After the post-class service is full coverage, the "last kilometer" after the school class. On the basis of full investigation, the service is fully upgraded to the program.

At time, extended to local employees, after half an hour, it is convenient to "pick up". On the content, change a single autonomous reading, do the job, etc. At the school, the post-class service extends to junior high school schools, and the junior high school students are liberated from the heavy off-campus training burden.

As of the end of October, 10601 schools launched a post-class service, after the post-class service, the rate of service reached%, benefiting 10,000 primary and secondary school students.

The province’s% of the school has established a job school publicity system,% of school operation control time reached standard.

Basically, the needs of students are fully guaranteed, effectively mitigate the incurrence of primary and middle school students and the burden of school training, and the acquisition of the people’s education is constantly enhanced. Online registration is fully realized, one-click enter the compulsory education enrollment registration system. Adhere to the banquet, municipal coordination, county-oriented, construction (upgrade) compulsory education enrollment online registration enrollment system, open the data interface of public security household registration, residential property, promote parent registration, information submission, audit admission "online office" "Pocket".

As of the end of October, 168 counties (city, district, and educational function of the province) have all achieved "All Network Office". Parents do not need to review the on-site review, and realize "zero certification" and information "zero submission". Proposition of degree resources, and effectively protect the supply of high-quality primary and secondary schools.

Focus on solving problems such as "difficult" "enrollment" in the park, on the basis of 56 people and more primary and secondary schools, continue to promote primary and secondary schools, kindergarten resource construction, prevent primary and secondary school issues and kindergarten " The problem rebounded. Establishing primary and secondary schools, kindergartens resource supply and early warning and long-range security work mechanisms, organizing all localization and primary and secondary school construction layouts, formulating the annual construction project details.

As of the end of October, 448 kindergartens have been newly upgraded this year, and the new childhood degree is 109; 209 new remediation and expansion of primary and secondary schools, the new degree is 10,000, according to the provincial student management system, the province’s primary school 56 And the above large class teaching classes have maintained a dynamic clearness, and there is no rebound. (Wang Yuan) (Editor: Nie Jun, Liu Yingxi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.