Shizuishan innovation grassroots governance model

Shizuishan innovation grassroots governance model

Recently, the "Field Classroom" in Tao Le Town, Pingluo is selected. Since last year, Tao Le Town has actively carried out the "Intelligence Action" of Science and Technology Volunteers, relying on the 10,000-mu desert melon special industry base, build a new era civilization practice "field classroom", benefiting more than 3,000 people, helping poor people to achieve skills and income doubles increase.

Since the study of party history, Shuzuishan City has promoted rural, community, religion, campus, corporate, community "six governance", innovative "Internet + grassroots social governance", to create a grassroots governance model with stone mountain characteristics.

The city has launched the "grassroots party building comprehensive improvement year" activities, completed the first adjustment of the township leadership team, planned to complete the township party committees before the end of July; 72 deputy secretary of the township party committee and served as the first secretary of the village And work players.

Establishing 239 new era civilization practices, 239 stations, launched a new round of rural people’s environmental remediation, the city’s planned new rural household toilets, 255 households have been completed. Sound safe and rural prevention and control system, promote the popularity of "Jin Zhongcang" WeChat public account, have registered 10,000 people, intercepting 3975 warnings; 8965 monitoring probes in the "Wing Perspective" monitoring probe. Establish the municipal leading cadres to contact the service enterprise system, implement the "1 + 16" action plan of the operator environment, and promote the "3 + N" work of the park (enterprise). Guide 225 companies to repair 398 administrative punishment publicity information, maximize the legacy of the market, has changed 76 major hidden dangers, investigate 426 firefighting units such as dangerous chemicals, civil explosions and other firefighting units, more than 10,000 risk points.

Select 16 full-time collective negotiation instructor, carry out supervision of corporate democratic management and wage collective consultation, and chase 534 migrant workers with payment of wages.

In the three-year action of the primary and secondary school kindergarten safety and prevention construction, the city held a campus safety knowledge lecture 67, in the city primary and secondary schools (kindergartens), "nursing care post", implement "one school (garden) alarm" working mechanism The city’s primary and secondary schools and urban kindergartens full-time security assessment rate, closed management reached standard, one-button alarm and video surveillance system reached 100%.

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