The government’s work report revised most of the eighth opinions

The government’s work report revised most of the eighth opinions

This newspaper Beijing March 20 (Reporter Wu Report) March 20

According to reports, during the two sessions of the country, the National People’s Congress representative and the CPPCC member discussed the report and put forward a lot of good suggestions.

According to the requirements of Li Keqiang’s prime minister, the drafting group system has been reported to the opinion of the representatives of the People’s Congress and the CPPCC, and each opinion has been seriously studied, and the report has been revised and improved. The report has revised 86, absorb most of the opinions.

Han Wenxiu introduced some important modifications and concentrated in 4 aspects.

First, the supplementary recommendations of the past five years, such as in terms of reform and opening up achievements, supplemented the basic establishment of the main field of reform; in terms of continuous improvement of people’s lives, the comprehensive development of education is supplemented; the other is the past five years The supplementary suggestions for government work, such as in adhered to innovation leading development, supplementing the promotion of comprehensive innovation and reform testing; in adhering to the comprehensive deeper reform part, supplementing the overall reform of education; the third is a supplementary suggestion for 2018 work recommendations, such as In the development of new mobile phone energy parts, it added to accelerate the development of modern service industry construction intelligence society; accelerating the construction of strong national construction, supplementing the knowledge of intelligent manufacturing promotion model spirit construction knowledge, skill type, innovative workers; four is to make language A more complete suggestion, such as in deepening the deepening service reform, will fully implement market access negative list system to comprehensively implement national unified market access negative list system; in implementing and improving the innovative incentive policy, Evaluation To speed up the transformation from the heavy process to heavy results to the scientific research project performance evaluation to speed up the change from the heavy process to the resove result and transform & hellip; & hellip; I feel that I feel better to reflect the spirit of the party’s 19th National Party, better implementation Xi Jinping’s new era Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, better absorbing the suggestions of representatives and committees, and better reflecting the heart of the people, which is conducive to better coacerics and promotes work. Han Wenxiu said that the report from the drafting to the final revision, it is a process of carrying forward the spirit of craftsmen, excellence, essence, refined, not only for the framework structure, the main point of view must be repeatedly studied, but also to each sentence, each punctuation symbol carefully Stroke.