Shenzhen will increase the supply of child hosted services

Shenzhen will increase the supply of child hosted services

Original title: The city will increase the child’s hosted service to Shenzhen will increase the supply of children’s hosted services, and solve problems for the parents of the workplace.

Based on the "Second Trial" of the Shenzhen Special Committee, the "Second Expedition" Regulations (Draft) "of Shenzhen Special Administration (Draft)" will prepare the city’s kindergarten development plan according to the situation of kindergartens and its Tubane degree.

  Encourage the Kindergarten to open Tutans, recruit young children aged and three years old, is one of the highlights of "Shenzhen Special Administrative Education Ordinance (Draft)".

On this basis, "Ordinance (Draft)" special planning, public service support, private kindergarten support, etc., there is an increase in the provisions of the Kindergarten Bank, to better implement national policies, meet the people about 2 Up to 3 years old child hosted demand. In recent years, the proportion of patients with autism in preschool children have risen year by year, and children’s mental health problems have become increasingly high.

In response to this issue, "Ordinance (Draft)" makes a range of regulations. First, kindergartens should be equipped with part-time or full-time mental health education teachers.

Second, the Government should formulate pre-school special education security policies, encourage, support special education schools, children’s welfare institutions and rehabilitation institutions to carry out school education. Third, the governments of all districts should establish a pre-school integration education resource center, support kindergartens to implement integration education, providing teachers training and supportive services to the kindergartens of integration education, strengthen the supervision of pre-preschool special children’s rehabilitation education. "The Regulations (Draft Modifying a Draft)" also insists on the principle of equal payment, stipulates that the total amount of public kindergarten teachers will be intended to be based on the reasonable level of the wage income of teachers in the public kindergarten. (Reporter Li Shuyu) (Editor-in: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yuzhu) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.