Shenzhen: mobile phone can be new crown vaccine strengthening needle

Shenzhen: mobile phone can be new crown vaccine strengthening needle

Original title: Mobile phone can be new crown vaccine to strengthen your new crown vaccine to play the first few needles? In the past few days, many people travel to the city’s new crown vaccine temporary vaccination point, vaccination new crown vaccine.

Some people are still confused, playing two-needle new crown vaccine, why also vaccinate the enhancement needle? With regard to strengthening the common problems, the Municipal Health Jian Committee conducts Q & A.

  The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Health Committee on November 15 that the inoculation of the needle can grow or rebound in the middle and antibody that has gradually decreased, resulting in a better protection.

Shenzhen has fully launched new crown vaccine to enhance the needle vaccination, and the new crown virus inactivated vaccine or adenoviral carrier vaccine is 18 or above, which can inoculate the needle.

The public can make an appointment through the "Shenzhen Health" WeChat public account and other four ways to make an appointment, go to the city’s major inoculation points.

  Playing the needle will have a better protection effect. "I played two-needle new crown vaccine, is it necessary to vaccinate the needle?" The best way to prevent new coronal pneumonia is to vaccinate. From the perspective of foreign research results, the new crown vaccine is completed, and the effect is remarkable in preventing severe, lowering mortality. However, after a period of vaccination, the vaccine can be reduced to some people’s protection effects, and the inoculation of the reinforcing needle can make the neutralized and antibody that has gradually decreased rapidly or rebound, resulting in better protection.

  A few days ago, the academician team of Zhongnan Mountain went to Shenzhen People’s Hospital to exchange guidance. The medal winner of the Republic, Zhong Nanshan, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said in an interview, from the whole world, the vaccine was in vacuum, and the antibody produced by the anti-body will decrease, and the third needle "strengthen the needle" is to prevent infection. It is necessary.

  Is it a stronger vaccine to play the needle to enhance the needle for 6 months? The Municipal Health Jianjian Committee said that it is not a stronger vaccine, and it is a vaccine that has been played before the public.

  According to the progress of new crown virus vaccine, the relevant departments of relevant departments, the current can be used to implement the enhanced immunization of vaccination has national medicine born Beijing company, Beijing Coachi, Chinese medicine born Wuhan company’s inactivated vaccine (contains dispensing), And the adenotoxic vective vaccine of Tianjin Kangnino. How long does new crown vaccine enhance immunization and full immunity? At this stage, the enhancement of immunization is implemented after 6 months of vaccination, that is, after the second needle in which new crown viruses are inactivated, it is generally required for 6 months to inoculate the needle.

Adenovirus carrier vaccination was enhanced 6 months after inoculation. Specifically, the full immunity is finished: 2 doses of the Chinese medicine born Beijing company (or Beijing Coachi, Chinese Medicine, Wuhan), inactivated vaccine, or Tianjin Kangshino, 1 dose Adrenal virus vector vaccine. 4 Categories of crowds need to inoculate the enhanced needle more need to strengthen the needle? The Municipal Health Jian Committee said that the four types of people need to vaccinate the needle: the key personnel of high input risks, such as customs, border inspection, aviation, isolation points, fixed-point medical institutions, etc., the relatively low human group; 60 More than year old; due to work, study, communication needs, you need to go to the overseas epidemic high-risk regions or people.

Others eligible and inoculated people, also encouraged to strengthen the needle. How to make an appointment into a reinforced needle? Citizens can pay attention to the "Shenzhen Health", "Shenzhen Disease Control", "Health Shenzhen" WeChat public account, or find "social development" applet, select a channel from 4 channels, fill in the information and make an appointment .

  Other vaccines and new crown vaccine intercepting intercepts are greater than 14 days, they can inoculate the needle, and do not spend a penny.

  It should be noted that before inocation, the public is inoculated, and it is confirmed whether he has been inoculated by the previous vaccination, and completed the whole process for more than 6 months, and then use the mobile phone to select a vaccination point after the appointment. In vacuing, the public needs to carry ID cards, vaccination vouchers, and vaccination vouchers can be queried through the "Yue provincial" applet, while doing a good wearing mask, maintaining one meter and other personal protection. In the inoculation point, the staff will check the health code and trip code of the public, and must fill in the health survey questionnaire and the new crown vaccination informed consent. After the doctor evaluates, the inoculation is issued.

The public should cooperate with the on-site staff asking, what is the last disease and whether medication in the near future should inform the physician.

  Flu vaction and new crown vaccine strengthen the needle inoculate? According to the recommendations of the "New Crown Vaccin Vaccination Technical Guide (First Edition)" released this year, other vaccines and new crown vaccines should be greater than 14 days. (Reporter Luo Liqiong correspondent deep defense) (Editor: Zhang Chen Mu, Chen Yizhu) Share more people see.