The strong snowfall in Turkey seriously affects traffic

The strong snowfall in Turkey seriously affects traffic

Xinhua News Agency, Istanbul, March 11 (Reporter Wang Fengsa Dati) Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey, encountered snowfall on the 11th. Flights and sea and highway traffic were affected. The school was forced to suspend classes.

Due to the low visibility, the traffic interruption of the Bosptruce Strait, which connects the Black Sea and the Malmala Sea.

A number of airlines including Turkish airlines have canceled most of the flights in Istanbul on the 11th and 12th on the 11th and 12th. All intercity buses are interrupted, and truck entrances from the Anatolia region and the Sedoris region have been banned from passing the road entrance.

Istanbul Mayor Imamolu said that there will be a stronger snowfall on the 12th, and it is recommended that residents do not need to go out.

Yellica, the governor of Istanbul Province, announced earlier that all primary and secondary schools and universities in the province were suspended until the 14th, and civil servants were suspended in government leave. In January of this year, Istanbul suffered a strong snowfall, causing paralysis of sea, land and air traffic, and seriously affected residents’ daily lives.

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